We want you to know we are very grateful for your patience during the initial phases of our re-opening plan. Your cooperation has been outstanding and we have found your feedback very helpful.

In some ways life does seem to be slowly returning to pre-pandemic “normal”. To keep everyone safe at the Gym we are striving to maintain all protocols, put in place in accordance with Interior Health and Workplace BC guidelines. A full COVID Safety Protocol is being reviewed and signed with each members prior to an active key FOB being provided.

Below are the current protocols in place to provide a safe place for you to workout in:

-You must self-assess prior to entering, each and every time https://bc.thrive.health/

-You must follow all mandates (i.e. no travel, social distancing, stay home if sick, etc.)

-Limited ability to enter/exit - must wait if shoe area is full

-Max 21 members @ one time (specific number from each area)

-Upon entering you must proceed immediately to hand washing station.

-Hand sanitizing stations are available throughout gym

-Each member is to take a sanitizing bottle & stack of single use cloth & discard @ end of session in bin provided (none of which are to be shared with any other members)

-Sanitize all equipment BEFORE & after each use (& anywhere you or your belongings make contact)

-One person to one machine at a time - NO super sets, circuits, sharing of equipment, etc.

-Physical distancing at all times – do NOT use machine beside or facing another member

-No spotting/training partners unless from same household or approved by ownership

-No physically distanced visiting in entry area or at sink or other high traffic areas. Please be mindful of allowing space for others, try your best to enjoy your work out and leave to free up space for others.

-Change rooms & showers closed, universal bathroom open only - please come dressed ready for the gym if possible

-Water fountain closed – please bring full water bottles with you

-Lockers closed, please leave as many personal belongings at home as possible -if you MUST bring any belonings with you limit is 1 bag per member

-You must sanitize your hands before exiting

Your ongoing feedback is needed so we can continue to make the Gym a safe place in which to work out (this includes reporting any members violating ANY policies, machines needing attention, etc.) - we are in this together!

Again, we thank you for supporting all the changes with an open mind and heart ❤️